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One-Touch Operation

One Touch Does All
Whether it’s switching on the light or regulating the speed of the fan, a single soft touch on our Smart Touch Switches is all you need for easy operation.

App-based Smartness

AI Compatibility
App-based switching controls through your Mobile and Tablet ensure that our Smart Touch Switches are aligned to match your lifestyle in an increasingly smart world. You can now be connected with your Smart Touch Switches from anywhere in the world with an unmatched freedom and control.

Remote Access

Ease Of Use
Our wireless technology enables remote operation of the Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches, transforming your space into a more convenient and stress-free environment for everyone. This handiness also saves you the unnecessary hassle of fitting two-way wiring for ease of switch operation.

Switch Illumination

On & Off Indicator Glow
Our backlit feature illuminates the Smart Touch Switches, making it glow so they can be located easily even in darkness making it easy for you to reach them. Also, the on/off identification mode glows in different colors to know immediately if the switch is On or Off.

Aesthetic Additions

Beauty With Brains
A flawless finish and neat lines make Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches an aesthetic addition to your home. You can customize the indicator icons for these Switches with clever graphics; which enhance their appeal, help easy identification and make them user-friendly.

Hygienic Homes

Easy Clean
Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches are crafted in a way that dust and dirt doesn’t accumulate easily. So they are easy to clean and maintain, making them germ free and safe.


Care Shield
The Touchmatik switchboard is designed for shockproof operations with no sparking and shorts. They act as a safety shield against shocks making it completely harmless for everyone, including senior citizens and even for children to operate.

Light up your Mood

Mood Light Control
Whether it’s for a soothing wind-down or a quiet familial affair, setting the right mood through intelligent lighting control is super easy. Be it work, play or entertaining, Touchmatik products are what you need to create the perfect mood.

Instant Installation

No New Wiring
Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches are designed for easy integration into the existing wiring. As a result, no extra wiring is required. Whether it is renovations or new projects, Touchmatik products can be installed easily and without hassle.

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