Builders Build Dreams

We live in the technology age now and it’s about time we do away with the old way of doing things. Lifestyles are evolving and so are people’s needs. Therefore Builders and Contractors need to be aware of cutting age technological innovations they can offer their clients. Houses too are now expected to keep up with the owner’s digital environment. People now expect their houses to be equipped with state of the art appliances and devices that enhance their living experience. Hence a Builder is no longer seen as someone who builds buildings. He is seen as someone who fulfills individual aspirations and delivers dream homes offering modern conveniences.

Keetronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. brings you “Touchmatik” designer switches for Intelligent Energy Management Solutions, Advanced Hotel Guest Room Management Systems and so much more. They offer the perfect aesthetic appeal to suit any modern interiors of a stylish Home, Office, Showrooms, Hotel or Resort. These soft touch Electronic Switches combine best of aesthetics and fantastic functionality. They are available in a wide range colours, designs and are made out of different materials such as wood, marble, Corian or glass; to match any surface. Our product basket spoils you for choice with just the available designs.

Moreover they offer amazing convenience to their users as these can be operated in four different ways. It can be manually operated with a feather touch; with a remote control; through a mobile app from any location in the world and can be synced with Alexa to obey voice commands. They are even easy to install requiring no extra wiring. These unique switchboards are versatile to house any socket, telephone inputs, adaptors etc. They have a modular back and can be installed in the existing panels too. These switches are designed, developed and manufactured in India and meet all the quality standards. The determination of our R&D team ensures you get world class products.
For large housing complexes or individual residences, Touchmatik can provide indicators for the maid, milkman, laundry-pickup, garbage collector etc. near the door and near the lobby to indicate if you need them or not. This makes lives easier for everyone involved and moreover these can be controlled remotely through the mobile app if you happen to be away from the house.

Our Advanced Hotel Guest Room Management Systems offers smart features such as a room automation system that addresses comfort of the guest through the smart bedside console panels allowing them to operate the lights & fans, control the curtains, the air conditioners, and other the service requests from the bedside panels, that even display the room temperature. The Corridor Panel is mounted outside the room. It has DND, MUR and Laundry indicators and Bell Push. The DND, MUR and Laundry indicators are turned on when the guest requests for the same by using switches on the internal DND, MUR and Laundry service panel. These sleek devices greatly enhance the guest experience.

Touchmatik believes in working with Builders and Contractors with our supportive sales team to guide you in choosing the best suited configurations for your requirement. We customize solutions for all energy management needs right from the planning stages of any project, with your budget in mind. Do connect with us on +91 73870 47231 to talk to us or send us an email at with your requirement. We will get back to you and can help you transform your projects that delight your clients.