A ‘Touch Key’ is an advanced electronic technology to activate any device or machine.

The touch sensing technology is highly in demand than the mechanical keys because it has no wear & tear compared to the metallic keys. The advance controllers used in the circuits promotes easy compatibility with all types of controllers and provides the feasibility to work wonders in the embedded systems.

This technology has now found its application in the home appliances and thus touch keys are in high demand. The capacitive switch works on the technology of providing a capacitance with reference ground level and generating a signal. This signal can be a TTL logic output or a RS485 output or I2C type of output.

With an option of variable output signals, capacitive switches and keys can now be programmed for any type of requirements. Hence this technology is in popular demand and is a preferred design solution for advanced input devices.

Technical Applications

Buttons: A single finger touch generates a signal used to create a button function on any device.
Slider: The smooth finger slide operation gives you the tuned results for the variable inputs preferred for volume, speed and brightness controls.
Proximity Sensors: The proxy sensing switching is easily achievable with the capacitive sensing technology.

Output Options

TTL active high or active low
I2C etc…


Home appliances
Industrial Machineries
Medical Devices