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4 keys + 1 Master.

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Brand : Touchmatik

Note : Product features and specifications may vary and can be updated for product developments.

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Input Voltage : 90 to 270 VAC 50 Hz.

Protections : Input over voltage cut-off, Short circuit, Thermal & Overload Shutdown.

Working Temp. : 0 to 50 Deg. C.

Operating Humidity : 20% to 85% RH non-condensing.

Rated Load : Tungsten and Halogen light 500W.

Capacitive Load : LED and CFL 100 W.

Inductive Load : Fan and Motor 65 W.

Service life : 50,000 operations (for Relay).

Two Way Switching : 1 no

Radio Frequency : 433.92 MHz

Smartness : Easy identification with customized icons.

Convenience : Remote operation with RF technology.

Brilliance : Illumination for recognition in the dark.

Elegance : Blends with the interior.

Hygiene : Easy to clean and dis-infective.

Easy Opration : Light up a lamp, switch on your AC, dim a light or speed up the fan by just a touch of your finger.

Safety : Designed to be totally shock proof.

Select your mood :Mood lighting as per your choice.

Swift installation : Easy to install, operate & clean.

Keyboard Dimensions :

With enclosure : 157.50 mm x 90.3 mm.
Without Enclosure : 90.3 mm x 45.3 mm.

Fitment :

4 Module Box - 5757 30
4 Module Box - 6890 09

Emerald with its simple and charming design blends with all types of interiors and hence is suitable for a wide range of applications for homes,offices,malls,hospitals..etc.
This model emphasizes the design technology and the efforts of design team to deliver simplicity and add pleasures to the customers delight.
A perfect balance for your luxury and budget… a complete solution …this will really make you mesmerized.
Promising no wear and tear ,the model aims and ensures at a fit and forget solution in comparison with the mechanical switches.


Industrial automation.