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4 Switches + 1 Fan + 1 Master.

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Brand : Touchmatik

Note : Product features and specifications may vary and can be updated for product developments.

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Input Voltage : 90 to 270 VAC 50 Hz.

Protections : Input over voltage cut-off, Short circuit, Thermal & Overload Shutdown.

Working Temp. : 0 to 50 Deg. C.

Operating Humidity : 20% to 85% RH non-condensing.

Rated Load : Tungsten and Halogen light 500W.

Capacitive Load : LED and CFL 100 W.

Inductive Load : Fan and Motor 65 W.

Service life : 50,000 operations (for Relay).

Two Way Switching : 1 no.

Radio Frequency : 433.92 MHz

Smartness : Easy identification with customized icons.

Convenience : Remote operation with RF technology.

Brilliance : Illumination for recognition in the dark.

Elegance : Blends with the interior.

Hygiene : Easy to clean and dis-infective.

Easy Opration : Light up a lamp, switch on your AC, dim a light or speed up the fan by just a touch of your finger.

Safety : Designed to be totally shock proof.

Select your mood :Mood lighting as per your choice.

Swift installation : Easy to install, operate & clean.

Keyboard Dimensions :

With enclosure : 237 mm x 90.3 mm.
Without Enclosure : 136 mm x 45.3 mm.

Fitment :

6 Module Box - 5757 40
6 Module Box - 6890 10

Sapphire is one of the three major Gems and so is our model from the range of the modular switches. Contributing to the overall beauty of the product range,the model Sapphire comes with a Fan switch with four ‘up ‘and ‘down’ regulation controls with a easy one touch operation.
Featuring two way controls and its sleek design,sapphire is ideal for all living areas.The dual colour iconic illumination adds a ambience to the interiors and enhance the beauty of the room.
The inbuilt regulation allows a smooth control of the fan speeds and that’s what makes our customers fall in love with this model.


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