Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches can also deliver designer switches with dielectric materials on various surfaces such as on Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Wallpaper, and Corian. These switches can be customized as per your artistic preference and to match any decor.

We can also integrate switches onto any wall artwork or painting that goes on your wall thus affording a wonderful blend of aesthetics and functionality. This unique style of blending in your switchboard in your wall art is sure to leave your guests impressed.

Unique Attributes

Every Touchmatik creation reflects a class and sophistication that befits the connoisseurs of fine living. It is borne from a commitment and an adherence to aesthetic finesse and awe-inspiring quality. The immaculate look and experience of a Touchmatik product is the result of thoughtful designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and an innate urge to make every piece a blend of art and technology. You can have a better understanding of all it’s unique attributes by clicking on the links below.

Smart Solutions

Today is a golden age of technology, Touchmatik offers you luxury with functionality with systems smart to learn the IoT communications and perform the function of sensing, actuation, and control of your lighting devices. Our smart solutions allow automating the electrical tasks within your home, Office or your workplace with automation making your home a “SMART HOME”.