4 Keys + 1 Master

A must-have designer wall panel meant to complement the classy interiors of a modern day, stylish home. The smooth surface, the sleek design and the neat icons create a look that is sharp, helping homeowners to make a style statement. This elegant model speaks volumes about design technology and colossal efforts of the design team.

  • Suitable for homes, offices, malls, hospitals etc.
  • Promises no wear and tear
  • Fit and forget solution for modern homes
  • Shock proof
  • Home Home
  • Hospitals Hospitals
  • Hotels Hotels
  • Industries Industries
  • Office Office
  • Resorts Resorts
  • Switching with a single and soft feather touch operation.
  • Unidirectional IR Remote operations.
  • Illuminated iconic representation and Dual colour indication on the switch, making it easy to identify the device’ ON ‘or‘OFF’ condition.
  • Auto Dimming of the backlight illumination for a cool display of the switchboard and Auto switch wake-up for easy identification in the day and night.
  • Intelligent switches with programmable memory options on site for volatile and non-volatile memories.
  • Electrical direct controls using relays.
  • Programmable controls, RS232 / RS 485 compatible.
  • Optional switching operations as per your moods.
  • Wide range of selection from our product basket.
  • Easy installation, no separate wiring required.
  • Shock proof switching. No mechanical wear & tear as compared to normal switches.
  • No mechanical wear & tear as compared to normal switches.
  • Input Voltage:90 to 270 VAC 50 Hz.
  • Protections: Input over voltage cut-off, Short circuit, Thermal & Overload Shutdown.
  • Working Temp: 0 to 50 Deg. C.
  • Operating Humidity: 20% to 85% RH non-condensing.
  • Rated Load: Tungsten and Halogen light 500W.
  • Capacitive Load: LED and CFL 100 W.
  • Inductive Load: Fan and Motor 65 W.
  • Service life: 50,000 operations (for Relay)
Output :- 4 keys + 1 Master.
  • Keyboard Dimensions: With enclosure – 127 mm x 90.3 mm.
  • Fitment : 4 Module Box - 5757 30
    4 Module Box - 6890 09