Alexa Voice Command

A perfect combination to complement the modern lifestyle, standing out sharply from conventional switches.

Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches are Alexa friendly. Imagine walking into your room and commanding Alexa to ‘Turn on the light’ or ‘Turn off the fan’ and like a genie, your switches obey to what you say. You could be cooking and ask Alexa to ‘Turn on the geyser’ so you can get ready quickly without stopping whatever you are doing.

On a hot summer weekend, you can command Alexa to ‘Turn on the air-conditioner’ while lounging on the sofa without moving a finger. etc. You can even command the curtains to close or open with just your voice command when you are already in bed and forget to do so

Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches are thus committed to delivering happiness and comfort by intersecting technology, security and convenience to you and your loved ones.