Home Energy And Service Management

Touchmatik offers upgradable, easily maintainable and cost-effective Home Energy Management Systems. These include state-of-the-art systems like Room Controller Unit or RCU that is responsible for controlling all the elements within a room.

The Corridor Panel mounted outside the room has Laundry, Newspaper, Milk, Garbage, DND & Haarwala indicators and Bell Push. The indicators are turned on when the requests are sent for it by using switches on the internal service panel. When the DND is pressed from the service panel, all other functions/indicators and the Bell Push will be automatically deactivated. The Key Tag Holder where the cards can be inserted in the cardholder upon entry into the room which activates the pre-programmed welcome scene.

The Building Automation System is a unique service management system designed for an apartment or a society. The display at the security helps him have control over the access to service providers and can easily identify intruders entering the building. The required services can be triggered from the respective flats and the same will be indicated on the panel of the security guard making him manage their entry and exit with fewer efforts.

Touchmatik’s leading technology solutions empower every home and make the smooth functioning of any residential unit possible.

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