Mobile App

The best feature of Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches is that – they are IoT enabled. With these devices, you can stay connected to your home from where ever in the world you are! These Smart Touch Switches can be controlled with a mobile app. This feature offers unparalleled ease of use and convenience. The mobile app is Android as well as iOS compatible.

You can start the sprinkler to water your home lawn when you are on a vacation or just be lazy on a Sunday and turn on the geyser for your bath while you are still in bed. If you have left the light or fan on at home in your rush to beat the commute, you can easily switch it off from your mobile app on your way to work or when you reach your office. You can easily turn on the crockpot before leaving office and reach home to a hot cooked meal.

The possibilities are endless with the Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches mobile app. ..