Room Management System

Our Guest Room Automation System enhances the hospitality service comfort of the hotel owners and enables the Guest room automation providing a warm welcome to the guest as well as smart control of the multiple functions in the rooms including services like Make my room / Laundry / Do Not Disturb with the lighting / curtain controls / and temperature control with its automated interfaces that are designed to offer an exemplary and highly satisfying experience for your guest.

The Key Tag Holder optionally featured with RFID access control is mounted inside the room generally in the vestibule of the room adjacent to the main door. The card can be inserted or accessed through touch in the cardholder upon entry into the room and the pre-programmed welcome scene can be activated. Different programmed cards can be used to differentiate between guest and staff.

The Corridor Panel also optionally featured with RFID access control for room entry is mounted outside the room. It has DND, MUR and Laundry indicators and Bell Push. The DND, MUR, and Laundry indicators are turned on when the guest requests for the same by using switches on the internal DND, MUR, and Laundry service panel. On pressing the Bell Push the programmed music will be played inside the room.

The Bedside Panel is a leading-edge technological advance in the realm of guest comfort. It comes with customizable configuration and multifunctional controllers to make a life for the guest easy and convenient.

Needless to say, we offer scalable, easy to maintain and use and cost-effective Guest Room Management Systems to empower your staff to offer the best services to please your guests so that they become lifelong and loyal customers.