Remote Control

Touchmatik Smart Touch Switches come with a sleek remote control for effortless use. Remote controlled switches offer unmatched convenience at home, hotels, hospitals, offices, industrial or commercial spaces etc. where flexibility and convenience are of utmost importance.

Not only can you and your loved ones at home enjoy this feature; guests in hotels too can be made more comfortable with this feature as well. This also gives patients in the hospital more control of their environment with the handy remote.

In an office or industrial setting, the remote offers great expediency over controlling numerous electrical switching applications..

  • Sleek and handy.
  • Good graphical aesthetics.
  • Operating range more than 10 meters.
  • On site programming feasibility of the remote switches with respect to the selective lights offering a choice of switches on the remote.
  • Coin cell battery.
  • Easy replacement in case of loss or damage.